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long Why Web UI Development Is So Hard?

The landscape of web UI development is fraught with challenges that extend beyond writing code and designing interfaces. The inherent language limitations, nuanced data management, async complexities, and often-ignored unhappy paths collectively make this a formidable field. Architectural decisions ...

Juntao Qiu • Oct 11, 2023

The 2nd Editor of Test-Driven Development With React

After several months of revising and editiong and rewording, finally "Test-Driven Development with React and TypeScript," is officially out!

Juntao Qiu • Sep 7, 2023

Course Test-Driven Development Mini Course

The Mini-Course on React and Test-Driven Development will provide you with the skills and knowledge to build robust, scalable and maintainable React applications.

Juntao Qiu • Feb 1, 2023

Join My 7 Day React Clean Code Challenge

Are you looking to start your React journey with React in 2023, or do you want to sharpen your React techniques to the next level? Join my 7-Day Challenge to learn all these with a project simulation!

Juntao Qiu • Dec 29, 2022

React Clean Code - mocking network scenarios

Handling network requests is complicated. There are too many cases you have to consider on top of the asynchronised process. And testing these code can be even more challenging...

Juntao Qiu • Dec 21, 2022
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