long Why Web UI Development Is So Hard?

The landscape of web UI development is fraught with challenges that extend beyond writing code and designing interfaces. The inherent language limitations, nuanced data management, async complexities, and often-ignored unhappy paths collectively make this a formidable field. Architectural decisions ...

Juntao Qiu • Oct 11, 2023

The 2nd Editor of Test-Driven Development With React

After several months of revising and editiong and rewording, finally "Test-Driven Development with React and TypeScript," is officially out!

Juntao Qiu • Sep 7, 2023

Course Test-Driven Development Mini Course

The Mini-Course on React and Test-Driven Development will provide you with the skills and knowledge to build robust, scalable and maintainable React applications.

Juntao Qiu • Feb 1, 2023

Join My 7 Day React Clean Code Challenge

Are you looking to start your React journey with React in 2023, or do you want to sharpen your React techniques to the next level? Join my 7-Day Challenge to learn all these with a project simulation!

Juntao Qiu • Dec 29, 2022

React Clean Code - mocking network scenarios

Handling network requests is complicated. There are too many cases you have to consider on top of the asynchronised process. And testing these code can be even more challenging...

Juntao Qiu • Dec 21, 2022

The Pragmatic Guide for React Network Programming

Fetching data from a remote server can be challenging, especially when you have to consider cache, re-fetch, error handling, timeout etc...

Juntao Qiu • Dec 16, 2022

If I Could Only Teach One Thing to a Beginner Developer

A few weeks ago, I got an interesting idea when I was writing a blog post about how to abstract your code to make it easier to reuse. I wanted to know what other developers think is the most important principle they would teach a newbie developer and why they would choose that design principle.

Juntao Qiu • Dec 1, 2022

Implementing Design System

So it’s not a single standard of how you would design at scale but a set of standards, and it is a visual language, which is important both by the user experience design and implementation...

Juntao Qiu • Nov 19, 2022

A story: from idea to product

As the saying goes: all great things have small beginnings. Even the most complicated product starts with a small and simple idea. And during the process of implementing it, even for a simple App like To Buy, there are many details to consider and polish.

Juntao Qiu • Oct 28, 2020

Code Different Levels of Abstraction

The ability of abstracting should be the most fundamental skill a developer should have, and I can't emphasise this enough. By abstracting, we can escape from the overwhelming seemingly irrelevant details to a solution that could solve all the problems at one go.

Juntao Qiu • Jul 10, 2020