The 2nd Editor of Test-Driven Development With React

After several months of revising and editiong and rewording, finally “Test-Driven Development with React and TypeScript,” is officially out! 🎉.

The book

A Little Backstory 🕰️

Around March 2023, I found myself with an unexpected amount of free time. The frontend world is ever-evolving, and technology has a way of becoming obsolete quickly. Just two years after publishing the first edition, I noticed significant shifts in the landscape. Redux, once a go-to choice for many, is now considered more cautiously. The popularity of TypeScript has soared, replacing the likes of Flow and ESLint as the de facto standard for type-checking.

They say that behind every book lie a host of regrets—choices set in ink that can’t be changed. That’s why the first edition focused on timeless principles, like refactoring basics and mocking & stubbing in tests. Yet, the second edition allowed me to address the unavoidable shifts in technology.

What’s Inside the Book? 📖

This second edition brings fresh content and improvements to enhance your learning experience:

The new edition

Why Read This Book? 🤔

This book is designed for developers at all levels interested in Test-Driven Development in a modern React and TypeScript environment. It aims to equip you with the ‘what’ and ‘how’ and ‘why’ of TDD, React, and TypeScript.

The new edition

You can grab your digital or physical copy from Amazon. It’s also available on the Springer website.

Also, if you prefer video format, I got a whole course for it as well on udemy.

Feedback Welcome 🗨️

I greatly value your feedback and would love to hear your thoughts on this updated edition. I would love to send you a PDF copy if you want to share some thoughts (drop me an email).